Month: July 2018

Diaper Rashes: Your Wipe’s Fabric Is The Cause

MotherSparsh Water Wipes

Hello Mummas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I think all you have faced a common problem for your baby i.e. diaper rash. Personally, I don’t like diaper concept and I have used cotton cloths for the first three months instead of a diaper. After 3 months I have used diaper during night time only. I am working so …

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Amazon Fire Tablets Family

Fire Tab

In this modern era we all are familiar with the usage of high tech devices that makes our lives more convenient and comfortable. Amazon Fire Tablets are the computer tablet among the ones that are being developed by Amazon for its premium customers. With these latest fire tablets, you can explore millions of books to …

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Top 5 Gaming Headset Brands

headset for gaming

The tech industry is growing day by day and new technologies are being developed on a daily basis to increase the efficiency of our existing products. One of the newest and the most widely expanding part of the tech industry is the gaming industry. Every brand is focusing on introducing their own line up of …

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