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Top 5 Gaming Headset Brands

The tech industry is growing day by day and new technologies are being developed on a daily basis to increase the efficiency of our existing products. One of the newest and the most widely expanding part of the tech industry is the gaming industry. Every brand is focusing on introducing their own line up of gaming products and why not, as the world of gaming is just on its best point right now. There are laptops, consoles, even smartphone that are focused on gaming out there in the market but is that enough?

Sony Gaming Headset
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Though companies like Microsoft and Sony who have been in the Gaming category for ages now, yet the maximum number of gamers out there still prefer the high-end laptops from brands like Alien Ware or ASUS or they go a bit creative and get their own desktop assembled according to their wish. For a gamer there is nothing better than a beautiful display like a curved screen, or a 4K display, but what about the sound department?

The sound is a very important part of the whole gaming experience and it is very essential that all the hi-end graphics are supported with some great sound effect to make the gaming experience unforgettable. One more important part of the sound department is the microphone that has to be there for communicating with the fellow gamers. There are various companies offering various technologies in their headsets, but which one is the best among them?

Let’s talk about the top 5 brands for Gaming Headsets

  1. Razer

Razer is a brand that has been associated with the gaming department for long now and has established its name in the market. They have their own exceptional line of Gaming headsets which provides a great experience to the user. Last year Razer even launched a gaming smartphone with some high-end specs and the best smartphone speakers out there.

Razer ManO’War
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The latest product of the Razer brand is the Razer ManO’War. It is a fabulous head-piece which cannot disappoint you in any way.

It is a wireless pair of headset but unlike other wireless headsets, the sound quality is just exceptional and also the range is great. It can be used on a range of up to 12 meters which can be further increases to 14 meters by using an extender. It is a software-based product, so you can easily modify the sound settings as per your preference. The earcups are made up of soft leatherette which provides a very comfortable support and controls are mounted over them. It has a virtual 7.1 surround sound system which will just blow your mind and on the physical appearance sure it is a bit junky but the RGB lighting takes it to another level.

This piece of artwork is available on Amazon for RS. 13439. Apply Amazon India coupons to avail up to 5% discount.

  1. ASUS

ASUS has built its name in the laptop industry for both budget laptops as well as high end laptops, but the best product by them so far has been there Predator gaming laptop, which is like the dream of every gamer to use. But they are also not behind in the sound department as they had to build a pair of headset to go with the amazing laptop. For this purpose, they built the ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 and honestly it is the meanest looking pair of headset available out there.

ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1
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The ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 works on the wired interface. It is a cumbersome procedure to connect it to your laptop or desktop and takes quite an effort, but after using it all your efforts were worth it. It houses a 10-driver system which not only gives you a crystal-clear wave of sound but also gives you 7.1 surround sound effect. It is incorporated with a dual USB amplifier system which can be used to change the sound profile of the headphones. You can also use the ASUS’s own Sonic Studio software package to get the best out of your product. The subtle red lighting over it just looks seem-less.

It is available on Amazon for RS. 23,699

  1. V- MODA

V-MODA is a brand for those who dont run for the looks, all they care about is the sound that is coming out of the headset. If you want functionality then their headsets can beat any product out there but just aren’t that good when it comes to the physical appeal. One of the latest creation of the V-MODA is the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless
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As the name suggests it is a wireless piece of hardware that can be connected to your desktop or your laptop through a simple USB receiver and provides great portability. But the differentiating feature of the headset is, you can also connect it to your device by Bluetooth technology that makes the procedure hassle free. Due to the lack of extra items on the outside, this pair of headset is relatively lighter than its competitors. It has built in microphone for the gamers and the long battery can easily give you a backup of 12 hours before you have to charge it again. It is military grade tested and the dual 50mm drivers just give you amazing sound.

The V-MODA Crossfade Wireless is available on Amazon for RS. 16,990

  1. Astro

Astro is a brand which is practically made by god for the gamers as the headsets produced by Astro are top of the line and they just can’t be beaten. As said by many, the Astro A50 was a “game changing, sound enhancing pair of headset”, and kudos to them that they launched a wireless version of that beauty. The Astro A50 Wireless is a pair of headset that has borrowed everything good from its predecessor and added wireless functionality to it.

Astro A50
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It is compatible with PS 4, PS 3, X BOX 360, X BOX One, PC as well as smartphone. It is incorporated with a 5.8 GHz wireless tech with MixAmp to give you the best output. It is designed to provide a 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound experience and is provided with noise cancelling microphone in it. The amp controls are now present over the ear cups itself. It can also be used with several VR headsets like HTC Vive.

It is available on Amazon for RS. 41,581 after using Amazon coupons you can get this product at Rs.39,999/-

  1. Hyper X

Hyper X made into the list because of being way cheaper than its competitor brands. All the other brands have their headsets in the 20K range but this brand gives you a great deal of technology in a price range that won’t budge you. The latest product by this brand is the Hyper X Cloud Stinger.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger is a 3.5mm analogue wired headset
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The Hyper X Cloud Stinger is a 3.5mm analogue wired piece of headset which has many things to like about it. It features a noise cancellation microphone and the ear cups can easily close backwards. There is a volume slider present to ease the function and it is compatible over multi platforms. It is a lightweight piece of product and provides quite clear sound. Even though its sound doesn’t match up with the level of other headsets in the list, it gives you a ton of features for its price.

It is available on Amazon for RS. 6,264.

At the end it all comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to pay for it, but whichever you chose from the list, you cannot go wrong with it.

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