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Make Water Interesting with TE-A-ME Ice Brew Tea

Today I am going to share with you my tea story! My day starts with tea and ends with tea. I am a tea lover and I love to explore the flavors of tea.

My laptop, headphone, mobile and a cup of tea …… my perfect work companions. I prefer tea over coffee always.

Ice Brew Tea – Best Option for Workaholics

OMG! How cool it is!!

Ice Brew tea can be brewed anywhere any time by using cold water only 🙂 🙂

It’s a good news for me. I can’t work without tea. But making water ready for the tea is a big task for me also. I didn’t know that a tea can be prepared without boiling water. A simple glass of water can be more interesting with Ice Brew tea.

tea review - ice brew tea

This Ice Brew tea is a new launch by TE-A-ME, one of the popular tea brands in India.

USP of This Tea:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colors

Ingredients: It is an organic tea with all natural ingredients like apple, lemongrass, marigold etc.

Ice Brew Tea is available in 5 Delicious Flavors:

TE-A-ME Ice Brew Tea

  1. Peach: With every sip you can explore the fresh peaches blended with black iced tea.

Benefits: Peach tea boosts the immune system, it has powerful antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds that release stress. Peach tea is good for cardiac health, bones and teeth.

Price: 292 INR (18 tea bags)

  1. Wild Berry: You can chill this summer with a cup of cool wild berry. Sunny days can be relished with strawberries and ripe raspberries blended with crushed ice.

Benefits: It will give you a cool and fresh vibes. Good for health and helps in weight loss too.

Price: 265 INR (18 tea bags)

  1. Lychee: You can make your afternoon better with sip of lychee tea. The fresh lychee with crushed ice can give you a freezing comfort.

Benefits: It helps to lower up the BP, prevents cancer and reduces weight also. Lychee tea is good for our digestive system as well.

Price: 292 INR (18 tea bags)

  1. Lemon: An ice frost sip with lemony deliciousness. A fresh cool cup to enjoy your summer days. Lemon has a fresh and soothing effect that you can explore with every sip of it.

Benefits: Lemon has vitamin C, which is good for your skin, lemon tea removes toxins from your body and it has anti-cancer properties.

Price: 265 INR (18 tea bags)

  1. Mint Green: It is the calming green tea enhanced with icy mint. You can sip anytime of the day to freshen up your mind and body.

Benefits: It can treat nausea, diarrhea, and indigestion also. It helps in weight loss, fights against diabetes too.

Price: 265 INR (18 tea bags)

If you are confused and want to explore all the flavors then you can buy a multi-flavor trial pack also.

Price: 234 INR (15 tea bags)

Packaging: The tea bags are available with a well-designed paper box. Everything is mentioned over the box, starting from ingredients to USP, tea making procedure and all.

My Experience:

tea review

I have opted for the trial pack so explored all the flavor. All the flavors are quite interesting but I have fallen in love with Peach and Wild-Berry. These two are just awesome. Now anytime can be my Tea-Time. No boiling water is required so you can enjoy tea while you are travelling too. Each box contains high-quality net-like tea bags for better blending and ingredients are visible properly.

If you want you can add sugar as well. Keep the tea-bags for 5 minutes at least to brew the best flavor.

I will suggest you all to try this new ice brew tea once and do not forget to share your experience here in the comment box below.

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27 thoughts on “Make Water Interesting with TE-A-ME Ice Brew Tea

  1. Nice write of a great product. I was lucky to try out the products myself and found them to be really amazing. With such quick brewing and wonderful flavor, im sure it will be big hit going fwd 🙂

  2. They seem a perfect option for us writers to keep us company through out the day. Thank you for such an earnest review buddy.

  3. This product are so much in trend now a days and my bad luck I haven’t tried it yet , will going to order for myself soon ,I am sure the taste will be awesome

  4. I too love iced tea to chill in summers, these fruit flavors looks awesome would love to try them.

  5. These are great options to try especially during summers! I like the idea of infusing fruit flavors in teas. The peaches ice tea sure sounds delicious.

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