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Tacky or Talkie – It’s The LIPCOLOR which Grabs The Attention!

Lip color matters a lot when it comes to accessorizing!

Be it braiding the scarf by curling it around your neck or high-pumps to make your heels look high on the dhoti-pants or whether it is completely going backless on edgy sarees – we go gaga over celebrity fashion!

Indeed we celebrate it.

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From a dab of mascara to the latest matte lipsticks shades, we stalk and talk about them!

What if that look suits me, is something that goes on our mind again and again when you come across a new look of your celebrity!


Be it red carpet or a recent award show – bolly beauties leaves no stone unturned smearing it on their sexy cupid bow lips. It’s such a colour that stands out on a pale skin and a colour that makes dark colour lasses incredibly sexy!

Bolly celebs spotted in red lips
Source: thehauterfly

Anushka Sharma is most spotted in orangish shade lip colour whereas Deepika, Bipasha (dusky lasses) are mostly sported in wine coloured red lip colour.

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Moon Swatch

PC Lip Swatch
Source: missmalini

Most would have dared to try this shade. But Piggy chops being an international actress are mostly found in candid corals to nude shades to bold burgundy and purple. But her Instagram look from Kylie’s lip kit swatch being the favourite look of hers.

Black Current Look

Ash wearing Lipstick
Source: samayam

Salute to the Miss India beauty for having sported this Kaala Khatta look to 15th Cannes festival during ‘Sarbjit’ premiere. Though the look didn’t work well with her off-shoulder dress and ponytail, we appreciate her guts of having pulled up this new lip colour of hers with ease and confidence.

Perfect, Pink Pout

Nargis Fhakri wearing lip color
Source: google

Piggy chops, Anushka Sharma (after her lip job) and not to miss Nargis Fakhri, has the natural lip pout which they amaze us through their exotic lip colors.

Ravishing pink is one among and it looks perfect on her oomph pout!

Aamsutra Swatch

Orange Lipstick
Source: oneworldnews

Orange and the Aamsutra lip colour with ‘blue-winged’ eyeliner – sport it and get spotted. Dusky girls with perfect contouring can also get this smeared orange look.

Beige and Earthy Tones

Using beige and earthy tones shaded lipstick looks great on every porcelain skin and doe-eyed beauty, just like Kajol!

Kajol in beige lip color
Source: indianexpress

We’ve seen her almost in every lip shade. But when she was a new entrant in Bollywood, the only lip colour she was mostly seen in are a nude shade or beige browns or retro pink.

Want to try some look of hers? Get on…

Nude-Lip look

Can you guess that tinsel who’s always spotted in nude lip shade?

It’s none other than the gorgeous beauty Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Kareena Nude Lip color
Source: google

She has the most sensuous features and chiselled looks. With prominent beautiful eyes, the Lakme lady ambassador focuses mostly on her eye makeup and go nude shaded for lips.

Hope you’ve got a rough idea of the lip shades our bolly beauties have been sporting over the years. Their makeup and dress are so much in focus for the media to get swooned and overlook their anticipated lies!

It’s time to get spotted rather than shaded with the right selection of matte lipsticks.

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Beautiful Girls! They all look good however my personally favorite has to be red. Red lipstick goes well with most outfits. Whether you are wearing a sari or a gown. Red color is perennial.

    Thanks for sharing this post. have good day. 🙂

  2. I hv loved reading about celebs and latest fashion and makeup trends thru yr post.

  3. All the shades are looking amazing , but mine favourite is always the red one and sometime pink 🙂

  4. I do not blindly follow celebs but do take a cue if their complexions and styles match mine .My favourites are Red, Pink and earthy .

  5. Loved this shades. And my fav is Kareena, so yes Nude lip color is the new trend

  6. zainab says:

    Nude is by far my fav. I guess I will never be able to wear black currant. Even shocking red..:) I think I cannot carry.

  7. This is a great post! It is great that you’ve given brief descriptions regarding the shades and the people wearing them!

  8. Preety Tiwari says:

    Lipcolors are an essential part of my vanity and red is my all time fav… Thanks for introducing new shades to me..

  9. i’m more nudes kinds but i do have one scarlet shade for occasions. i love the collection of colors you’ve covered in post

  10. I like red, pinks, purples, nudes and bold lip colors – but that black current and moon swatch is a bit too much!

  11. I am currently binging on nude n beige. Although red will always be a favourite.. Such a colourful post.

  12. I have always love beige and nude colours but never experimented with others. Loved the moon swatch and black currant ones, shall try some changes!

  13. I’m obsessed with nudes all the way! But pinks are definitely a good pick! Great post!

  14. I like red, works with all. And, for formal events I prefer nude colors.

  15. Sarah T says:

    I suppose all shades are beautiful but one must select according to their skin tone.
    My personal favourites are pink, reds and nudes.

  16. Great compilation here buddy. I am an ardent fan of Kareena’s nude lipstick looks and often try flaunting one 😊😊

  17. Amazing and beautiful post. All the celeb looks stunning in the nudes lips looks. These nudes lip colors is best to flaunt stylish outlook. Great thoughts.

  18. If there’s one think that I have never changed, it’s my lipstick color. I wear a shade of pink always! 😀 Red looks great on most people. But Black Currant and Moon Swatch… a big NO from my side.

  19. uttpalkhot says:

    As long as you carry and pout appropriately, the shade goes with your attire and the occasion. One should be careful not to use too bright ones when not needed.


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