Do YOGA Everyday! #yogadaycelebration

Take Care Of Your Body

It’s The Only Place You have to Live!!

~ Jim Rohn

I believe the same too. A healthy mind lives inside the healthy body only. Now the question is how to live a healthy life??

  1. Eat vegetables daily and avoid junk foods
  2. Drink Plenty of Water
  3. Avoid late night parties to maintain a disciplined life
  4. Say No to alcohol and quit smoking
  5. Do YOGA every day

Yoga Practice #yogaday

There was a time when I couldn’t think a day without fast foods. There were no strict rules in my life and I had no time for exercise and meditation. I took a long time to convince myself that I need a better life.

I think now you guys know that I have special love for Bollywood. I love to check the celebrity feeds on Instagram. I know they are the diva but to maintain the perfect body shape needs a hell lot of hard work. They do exercise daily, starting from Bipasha Basu to Alia Bhatt everyone is health conscious.

Even Shilpa Shetty is my biggest inspiration. Aishwarya, Kareena all they have gained weight post-delivery but then again they have done exercise to maintain the shape.

Shilpa doing yoga
Source: Pinkvilla

They all are my inspiration. I have started doing yoga every day in the morning. I have bought a yoga mat recently (this was a try for self-motivation) and I am doing yoga every day now. Sometimes I go to my terrace also to breathe some fresh air.

I think we should start with light yoga and do easy ‘Asanas’ first. As a beginner, you can do Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Adho Mukho Svanasana, Kursiasana, Sukhasna etc.

We all know that 21st June is International Yoga Day and it is our responsibility to make people more aware of Yoga and its benefits. Yoga makes your body fit, releases stress, body pain etc and gifts you a beautiful soul too.

I have started doing Yoga recently and I am a beginner as well. I have tried few simple ‘Asanas’ that you can easily start with.

  1. Body Stretching: First do warm-ups. Run in a horse step movements for 2 minutes then stretch your body at left and right side. Move your head and shoulder clockwise – anticlockwise.

yoga day celebration by sayeridiary

  1. Feet Touch: Stretch your body and touch feet on both sides.

Asanas by Sayeridiary

  1. Sukhasna: Sit crossed legs on the mat, close your eyes, make yourself comfortable and breathe gently.

Sukhasana by Sayeri

  1. Gomukhasana: Sit straight on the ground and extend legs in front of you. Now bend your left leg and place it under your right buttock. Fold your right leg and place it over your left thigh. Place both your knees close together. Place one hand on the back and try to touch the finger with another hand. Hold the fingers for 10-30 seconds initially. I couldn’t hold for 20 seconds at least. Keep breathing slowly. This asana has huge benefits.

Gomukhasana by Sayeri


  1. Ustrasana: Do this asana in empty stomach always. Kneeling on the mat and place your hands on the hips. Gently arch your back and slide the palms over your feet and straighten your arms. Keep neck in neutral position and hold this position for 30 – 60 seconds. Again it’s not easy really 🙁
Ustrasana by Sayeridiary
  1. Vriksasana: First stand on your mat and drop arms to both sides of your body. Then place the right foot on the high up of left thigh. Look straight or you can close your eyes, take deep breathe and raise your hands over the head to make the ‘namaskar’ mudra. Doing this asana on the beach side is my dream so I asked my hubby to use his skill so that I can feel the virtual pleasure. 😉 (Check out my cover pic)

Disclaimer: I am a beginner only and I have tried these asanas at my own risk. Please consult a yoga expert before doing any of these asanas.

Yoga Day Blog Train
Yoga Day Blog Train

This post is a part of “Yoga Day Blogtrain” hosted by me (Sayeridiary) and my friend Jhilmil from Mommyinme. Here we 11 bloggers are sharing our views about yoga in different ways. The main intention is to make people more aware about the benefits of YOGA.

Thanks Mahak, for the lovely introduction. She is a mommy blogger who blogs at Check out her post about 15 minutes easy morning yoga routine.

Now the next station is where Snehalata will share her views about yoga. She is a multitasking mom who is an avid traveler and wants to give her daughter good parenting while she is traveling. She writes what she believes in.


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33 thoughts on “Do YOGA Everyday! #yogadaycelebration

  1. Yoga is something that I want to learn and practice, but havent ever got around to learn it. Hopefully will get going soon. Thanks for the nudge 🙂

  2. Enlightening post Sayeri. Yoga is must to not just for body but even for mental health and I have been practising Yoga for more than 12 years now!

  3. Surya Namashkar is one of my favourite yoga Asan. everyone should opt yoga. I get this habit of doing yoga from my parents and even in this age . they do it without any one day gap

  4. Yoga should be practised by all with expert guidance of course. I have observed those who do yoga regularly remain quite happy always.

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