Choosing An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Personality

If you have been with your partner for some time now and you both feel the same way about each other, this is the time to make a joint commitment and if you think a marriage proposal is just around the corner, your thoughts will likely turn to the engagement ring. For every woman, their engagement ring is definitely something special and rather than let him make all the decisions, you should have a say in the ring design. If you want to be sure that the ring you choose really suits you as a person, here are some tips to help you make the right selection when it comes to choosing the ideal engagement ring.

Think Long-Term

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For a soon to be bride, every diamond engagement looks stunning, yet you need to let your head rule your heart when it comes to engagement ring design. If you happen to live in Australia, check out unique engagement rings like those from Certified Diamond Network, Australia’s leading diamond suppliers. They can design the ring to your specifications if you want something really unique, while they have a stunning collection of vintage and antique diamond engagement rings, all at affordable prices. As nice as that raised stone clasp ring is, it might not be suitable for continual wear, so practicality must play a part in the decision-making process.

The Self-Confident Outgoing Type

If you are the girl who cares not what anyone thinks, as you know how good you look, the halo design of ring complements your bold style. A glittering halo of small diamonds around a central stone would be the ideal style of engagement ring and the bigger the central stone, the better! There are many variations of a halo shape, such as pear, oval and cushion and if the budget stretches to it, pink diamonds would be the perfect choice.

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There are articles available online on a list of recognized personalities, which might help you nail yours.

Sophisticated And Elegant

If you fall into this category, you will be a very snappy dresser and your jewellery reflects your good taste. The complex designs found with vintage engagement rings provide the perfect matching, with fine craftsmanship and delicate lace-like creations, and the online diamond dealer would have an extensive collection of vintage and antique diamond engagement rings on offer.

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The Outdoor Adventurous Type

If you love nature and spend your time taking part in some extreme sport or pastime, a solitaire design would be the best match for your personality. Aside from being very durable, a solitaire ring will go with any style wedding ring, and this classic design displays the stones in their best light, making the ring sparkle.

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One Of A Kind Girl

This woman cannot be placed into a personality category and her own unique style works for her, whatever she wears. Bright, rich colours and bold patterns are evident as she seems to have the knack of looking good whatever she wears. A single central stone, preferably coloured, reinforces her boldness and individuality, with pink or green stones, two of the colours that stress uniqueness.

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Whatever you choose, buying from a reputable online diamond network would offer you a little extra value for money and you can be browsing the stunning range with a simple online search.

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