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This is a social platform that endeavors to extend a common scaffold to Scientist, students, academia, corporate and all other common beings. You know all happenings of the world through your social networking platforms. But being some one no how acquainted with Science & Research do you know anything of this knowledge jackpot. Even if you are from academia you don’t have any clear picture of what the scientist in the research world is digging out that can make our life better, solve many unconquerable problems and make many impossible possible. While every other aspect has hit this platform anonymously Science & Research is still way back.

To address the same and reach the 70% of world population who are digitally active, here we are up with

Wondering the benefit

When we talk about profession based social networking site Linkedin can be the best example. Similarly endeavors to be a common social platform where scientist can release or share his research and inventions. Maximum common people and academicians  can get to know about it to implement the same in expedited betterment of the world. This will enhance the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge which will augment the growth.

Founder with his mission and vision

Dr. Santanu Das is an astrophysicist of UW Madison who introduced this platform to us. Initially it was his blog page based on WordPress where he use to discuss and write on research world and its exclusive unique intentions. By getting good response from followers he took a step forward. Since 2013 he fostered this educational network across the globe which was legitimate and friendly. Being a bridge between the world of commons and scientists he deciphered the gape and tried unveiling it.

Spreading the idea faster

Researchers take years to develop some technique. So its important to spread the knowledge. But the journal articles does not spread the knowledge instantaneously. It takes years, sometimes even decades to spread the knowledge. For a great invention, research world has undepleted time span. But implementation is again long process. Reasons being

  1. Journal articles are hardly read.
  2. It is hard or sometime impossible to understand a journal paper unless the reader is from the same discipline.  

A study reveals a shocking statistic that in the year 2015, 150000 approx. research papers are been published in different journals. Out of which 50% are never read by anyone apart from author, referee and editor and 90% are never cited.

Hence this social networking site is trying to shoulder the responsibility to spread the knowledge acquired by researcher after lot of hurdle and let be utilized for development of world.

Knowledge an open access

Yes it is indeed. But to be opened to the same you have to use login features of this social media site. Not just scientist, any person from any discipline of life and profession can keep connected and share knowledge here. Breaking the progeny of conservative research shackles it wishes be a common flare between discover and user.

Through, you can promote your research article and interested people can read that easily. So it is basically the platform for the research scholars to showcase their work.

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  1. Hi Sayeri,

    I have read about this social networking site in one of the article recently. I must say it is quite good for science enthusiasts.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. That is a really amazing idea! Journals do take forever to get published! This social networking is going to help everyone who is interested in scientific research!

  3. Amazing and insightful post. This social networking site is best for the scientific research. It is also best for sharing the knowledge about academic and scientific research. Great thoughts.

  4. This kind of networking sites open up so much of scope for research and scientific studies. It will be very helpful for those in the research oriented fields.

  5. That’s great initiative by Dr. Santanu Das to bridge the gap between scientists and the world. this way we got to know more about universe

  6. This is so great for scientists. Didn’t knew about this. Thanks for sharing. Very informative post.

  7. This social networking site is a boon for scientists and other ppl who love to exchange information and learn more on related topics !

  8. By launching this website Dr. Santanu Das has taken a great step to bring all the science enthusiast under one roof. This is a brilliant discovery. Thanks for sharing sich an informative article

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