Best Wedding Ring Design Ideas for the Love of Your Life

Couples in love exchange wedding rings along with their vows to express their lifelong commitment to each other. In as much as these wedding rings symbolize eternal love, these pieces of jewellery are also expected to last even beyond their owner’s life spans and even if they are worn every day. Hence, the need to find the perfect pair of wedding rings is among the top priorities for engaged couples.

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After finding the perfect, newly-engaged couples then have to choose their wedding rings or bands. How? While the photos of wedding rings can be very enticing, you should be able to address more important considerations besides aesthetics. Here are three things to consider before you say “I do” to the first wedding ring you find at a jewellery shop:

1. Buy your engagement ring and your wedding rings together

Practical couples consider buying a bridal set or a wedding set that consists of an engagement ring and wedding bands to eliminate the need to shop twice or spend a lot of time trying to find a wedding band that matches the engagement ring. Plus, you will be spending less on a bridal set, which is priced as one piece of jewellery, compared to the expenses of buying two jewellery pieces.

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2. Choose wedding rings that match the engagement ring

Since brides will be wearing their engagement and wedding rings together, the two pieces should match or complement each other. For example, elaborate diamond engagement rings for Brisbane brides should not be paired with vivacious wedding bands, but a simple engagement ring will look great with diamond Pavé wedding band.

Not only should they look beautiful together but they should not have features that can damage the other. For example, if your engagement ring has a tear-shaped diamond for a center stone, its pointy end should not brush or scrape the wedding band to maintain the band’s quality. In the same manner, a wedding band should not have features that can chip or scratch the precious stones on your engagement ring.

3. Always think long-term

Look into the durability of materials. Since wedding rings are also significant financial investments, you would want to be able to wear these for as long as you can, and maybe even give this as an heirloom for your future generations.

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In addition, choose a style or design that will surpass a fad. Find a wedding ring style that will stay elegant and endearing for the rest of your life, which leads us to the question of what wedding ring designs to choose for the love of your life.

Below are two of the top wedding ring designs that not only shout “I Love Her/Him,” but also satisfies all other criteria for a piece of jewellery that you will want to wear daily:

  • Classic round cut diamond with a fancy setting

A round cut diamond exudes classic elegance, but you can pair it off with elaborate ring settings to make them more awe-inspiring. You can opt for the vintage-inspired scrollwork setting with a round cut diamond at its center to create a unique wedding ring. Or you can go for a fascinating elaborated side views with a round cut diamond center stone, which designs gives it a royal but also modern appeal.

  • Bold, statement-making diamond rings

If your significant other isn’t afraid to show off her personality, then why should her wedding band be understated? Go for boldly designed sparklers like a chain-link diamond band or a bedazzled infinity design. You can also opt for square bands, which are gaining much popularity among men.

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13 thoughts on “Best Wedding Ring Design Ideas for the Love of Your Life

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Marriage is such a blessing for human beings. You get to live with your partner whom who love a lot. Your post is informative and helpful. I agree with you that is is always preferable to buy the engagement ring and wedding ring together. That saves time and money.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. Marriage is a big part of life. Getting the wedding rings together with mutual liking would surely strengthen the bond. Agree about, buying 2 rings together, saves energy and money.

  3. Hey, that’s some great information and tips to choose rings for wedding. My cousin’s friend is getting married soon , will recommend this to her.

  4. Very well written article on the importance of wedding rings & this is a must read article for the couple who are looking forward to tie a knot soon or even for those who are choosing rings for their wedding anniversries.

  5. Love the ideas! We did choose our rings together. I wanted a single one carat solitaire ring in white gold and karan wanted a plain platinum band without any diamonds. So we searched together and had to eventually get them made. But we both loved them! 🙂

  6. Sayeri, your post has all important factors to choose the ring. What I like the most is we need to think about the long term association and not for day or two.

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