Here’s How Your Child Can Make The Best Use of Summer Break Through British Council’s 21st Century Life Skills Programme

In the 21st century, getting academic skills alone cannot be enough. To stand out in this highly competitive world, your child should be competent with knowledge, decision making, creative thinking, problem handling empowered with effective communication and interpersonal skill. To groom your little one, the British Council has structured Life Skill sessions with various programmes through fun and interactive sessions. This makes the child confident and ready to face the competitive world. It also invokes their hidden talent and expertise apart from regular syllabus and studies.

Why British Council?

With centuries of expertise and efficacy, British Council is focused on updated methodologies, resource, and techniques to give specialized training to children and teenagers. Unlike other summer camps, it has a holistic approach to let your children learn and experience different facets of career, life, and developments. It has a uniquely safe and child-friendly space with proper ambience.

Highlights of the Programme

This year the summer programme is categorically focused on exploring world knowledge. It will train children to develop many life skills. English communication skill development is an added module in it. Special features are:-

  • Digital Learning – These are developed with a lot of research and skills by experts in a time-optimized way. This effectively develops skills in children.
  • Public Speaking – Communication skill serves as a backbone for any profession. A good orator wins over any situation with clear expression. Developing public speaking or mass speech delivering skill is very important. Most of the children and even adults shy away from doing so. This training programme helps to come out of the shell and lets them explore and know themselves.
  • Creative Writing – Pen is always mightier than any other power. So this session precisely trains children and teenagers to develop writing skill. Apart from being grammatically correct and constructing correct sentence it also let them focus on the creative part.

The teaching methodologies for these young learners are task-based and focused on real-life activities to face the competitive world and structure the personality. Classes are delivered through the interactive way which let the children learn through fun and play. Special formulated activities and engagement program are tailored by giving them access to various media and technologies so that the learning curriculum gets delivered to the children in a natural mode.

Schedules and Information

This summer, there will be sessions in 2 batches with 30 hours consolidated program over 3 weeks. Schedules are as followings:-

  • Batch 1 catering Weekdays – Starts from 20th May and ends on 8th June. Classes will be held during weekdays. Time is from 7.30 am to 4.45 pm.
  • Batch 2 catering Weekends – Starts from 25th May and ends on 8th July. Classes will be held during weekends. Time is 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Multiple batches are available under this category.

Eligible age criteria – Children from 7 to 17 years can apply for this programme. Based on different age groups, classes are segregated and structured to let them acquire the best knowledge and get the right ambiance.

For more details Contact us at – 0120 456 9000 / 0120 668 4353 or

Email at – [email protected].

You can also SMS ‘ENGLISH’ to 567678

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9 thoughts on “Here’s How Your Child Can Make The Best Use of Summer Break Through British Council’s 21st Century Life Skills Programme

  1. The curriculam and course structure looks good for kids. They would be able to make good use of summer break

  2. Wow.. I never knew about this course.. My kid is still young but ill def keep in mind.. I think life skills is
    the calling in todays time most schools give it a moss and a course by british council does wonders

  3. A very nice initiative by British Council. Public speaking, creative writing and digital learning, are today’s need. These learning they help a child to develop their inner intellectual and makes them stand out of the crowd.

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