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My Fashion Addict Son & Cherry Crumble!!

My son is just 4.5 years old but I really surprised to see how fashion conscious he is at this age! When I was a kid, I used to go to a local tailor with my mom. She instructed the tailor about the design and all. I used to keep silent all-time. But now scenes are completely different. Kids have their own taste and choice. They have their own fashion statement. They know what looks good and what bad.

Recently I came across a kid’s brand called ‘Cherry Crumble’. It is a California based kid’s brand who aims to convert all the kids into little fashionista. I was browsing their collection and really they have exquisitely crafted collection for kids. They do a fine balance between striking style and immense comfort. They have dresses for new born to 10 years that includes shirts, tees, dresses, frocks, jeans, trousers, and night suits – all representing the true Californian spirit. Mickey (my son) asked me to buy a T-Shirt and trouser for him. I was also planning to buy a semi-formal outfit hence asked him to choose the color. I just love my boy!! He has really got a good fashion taste. He selected this full sleeve T-Shirt and I paired it up with a comfy chinos.

It was my first purchase from them I was really excited. The product quality is really good and one can feel the richness of the fabric.

The Shirt:

This mauve color front open shirt is exclusively designed for the kids. There is a leather look designer pattern on the hand portion.

The Pant:

This flexible chino pant is so apt for the kids because they love wearing comfortable fabric. It is light-weight and goes so well with the shirt.


You can now get their products in Amazon and they ship worldwide.

Since it is an international brand, you can find the price a bit high. But when it comes to comfort, the cost is well justified.

Here, Mickey looks like a gentleman. It is no more a ‘Mamma’s Boy’ look 😊

Cherry Crumble California has an adorable American wardrobe collection for your munchkin. Order online and revamp the closet with fabulous designer collection.

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