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Monsoon Fashion Trend – 2019

Peheli Barish Ki Dua…..After the scorching heat Monsoon brings a squall of joy not just in life but in wardrobe ensemble too. The best part is experimenting with colors and silhouette with an excuse of drenched fashion. It gives you the best privilege to flaunt in the glare. To flare on here goes some monsoon fashion trends that can make you head turner and accomplishing for both office and party. Be minimal and yet playful is the mantra of this season.

Choose the right fabric

Be it a compulsion or excuse rain can drench you at any time. Those puddles and mud must not be bothering your fashion quotient. Hence fabric selection should be done very wittily. The monsoon fashion trends in India allow you to be modest yet trending. 

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  • Put your hands on light and breathable fabric like cotton, linen, neon, nylon, jute.
  • Wear loose fit.
  • Mid-length or short length dresses are preferred.
  • Use flares, not tight fit.


  • Say NO TO JEANS in monsoon.
  • Avoid any heavy fabric as it can cling your body when wet and may cause skin infection.
  • Avoid full sleeves and long pants.

Using breathable loose fit and flaring fabric as monsoon fashion will let it dry first and not make you embarrassing. It also doesn’t bother you with any dirt and mud as can be flanged out on rubbing dry.


The monsoon silhouettes should always be short and loose. So that if it gets wet doesn’t get cling to your body to keep you relaxed and get dry soon. The fashion in monsoon should be trendy, quirky and yet edgy. For bottom wear use short or mid-length skirt or pant. Loose fit culottes, palazzo, cigarette pant, slim pants, a mid-length skirt, or pencil skirt in cuff length can be the ideal pick. The short-hemmed dresses won’t hinder your easy mobility.

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You may also include some one-piece dresses to your wardrobe like wrappers, drawstring dresses, midi or maxi dresses, shirt dress or flounce dress can add to the minimalist design yet maximalist detailing in an edgy flounce. 

Oversized kimono sleeves are the coolest yet monsoon trends that feature the look of the season. Tops can also be sleeveless or short sleeve in a loose fit. Off-shoulders or dungarees can add to your style quotient. Wrap around waist dress or top can also fit your skirt or cigarette pant for corporate or party wear. Fluted sleeves adorned with lace panel can cast the flattering yet sporty look. Any loose fit with a wrap around the waist in quirky prints or monochrome hue can define your splendid mood for rain.

Water resistant hoodies or trench coat can beat the rain and also let you feel cozy. Loose, short hemmed waist-length coats are good enough for this season. It can accomplish raincoat with a stylish makeover.

Color Palette

The color tips for Monsoon fashion in India is bold monochrome. Experiment with bright colors like yellow, sky blue, fuchsia pink or any on the bright hue will complement the spirit and fun of the rain. Try and avoid white. If you are not the bright color person then pastel shades can as well do wonder for this season.

Digital print is on high demand for Monsoon women’s fashion as it camouflages the dirt or wet by rain. It keeps you suited with any hue and any match and can also suit any occasion or office go. With a mix and match in eccentric prints can delineate the vigor of monsoon.

Accessories & Make up

Shoes, umbrella and minimal ornaments can be Monsoon style tips. Don’t use high water absorbing shoes as that can un-comfort your skin and may cause skin infection with odors. Shoe style may include crocs, flip-flops, jelly shoes, silicon shoes, PVC boots and gumboots in bright colors matching your outfit. Water-proof shocks may be used to avoid skin infection.

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For umbrella either take bright distinctive monochromes to cast a reflection on your dress and personality. Or you may try some prints to feature fashion tips for monsoon in the spirit of the experiment. It not just save you from rain but also make you head turner. 

When it comes to ornaments do keep it minimal. Avoid metal ornaments as it may get wet in rain and bother your skin and style. For featuring, monsoon trend in India jewelry designers has an array of collections to befit the monsoon fashion in comfort and quality.

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Again makeup should be very light so that moist air cannot damp it. Pastel or nude hue on lips, dumb of blush and gel-based moisturized light makeup can enlighten the natural and diva look in you.

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  1. Great post on what to wear during the monsoons. I agree wearing jeans us not a good idea, linen is a good option. Thanks for sharing ☺️

  2. I am so bad at following the right fashion trends and always end up making silly choices. Your post came right in time and will help many ignorant ppl like me.

  3. Monsoons call for vibrant and bright colors to wear and have fun. And indeed wearing little short dresses are best to avoid getting dirty. White is most definitely a no no

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