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Bride-To-Be? Get the Glow with Pre-Bridal Spa and Massage Treatments!

6-months of courtship before wedlock, feisty fetishes, keep revisiting your mind every now and then. From ‘I want to look beautiful’ to ‘whether I would look beautiful’ on my D-Day – every bride yearns for the showstopper moment with her sunshine!

Your vivacious appearance depends on the smooth and silkiness of your skin. 

Why not opt for a Spa and Massage Therapy for rejuvenating yourself. Moreover, when you’ve so many things to arrange, stress must not take a toll on your skin and health.

There are few bridal treatments that let you unveil and unleash your beauty thereby making you dazzling in happiness. Let’s talk about a few of those pre-bridal treatments carried out by famous spa therapy centres:

Below mentioned are few of the services that one must pick up 6 months before the wedding 

1. Hair Dusting 

This includes proper 

  • Conditioning of the Hair
  • Trimmed and Cut to its length
  • Blow-Drying
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These depend on your hair technician and the amount of heat damage your hair has suffered earlier. But this process helps trim and cut off dead wisp ends, without sacrificing on hair length.

2. Laser Teeth Whitening

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They say ‘Smile when you’ve teeth’. But when it’s your big day, even though you’ve teeth, yellow teeth are a complete no-no. Some luxury spas in Chennai have an in-house dental department for teeth whitening and polishing.

3. Polishing Skin Treatment & Facials 

After all who doesn’t want to showcase the peachy-blush cheeks?

Indeed, the glow adds value to the attire you’re wearing.

There are few treatments for different skin types that our brides can wisely choose:

Source: Google
  • Skin Booster Injections – To rejuvenate the skin cells with necessary vitamins, minerals and others.
  • Laser Toning with Carbon Peeling – For toning the loose skin or muscles and let your chisel chick smile firmly. 
  • Derma rolling – Skin repair and cell regeneration
  • Laser Hair Removal – Removing extra body hair.
  • Hydrating Medi-Facial Restores  – For hydrating dry skin
  • Advanced Q switched laser technology – For removal of sun spots.
  • Salicylic, azelaic acid or Black Peel – For removing acne marks.
  • Radio Frequency or Cryotherapy – For moles or skin tag.

These treatments range from 1500 to 2500 per session and should be undertaken by brides 6 months in advance for better results on the Big Day.

4. Body Scrub & Polishing Treatment

Source: Google

Body scrubs are a great way to slough away dead skin cells from the body leaving you with luminous skin. It also helps you achieve that sun-kissed look, if you’re planning for a destination wedding in the morning. It’s always a mandatory concern to get a body-scrub before moving out in the sun. This is done either in a spray booth or done by aesthetician by hand, airbrush or mister.

Since parts of South India and few other parts of it are famous for such skin polishing treatments with Chennai and Kerala topping the list. You can avail this sunless tan body treatment in some of the luxury Spa and Massage Therapy Centres, as part of your pre-wedding prerequisites. 

5. Body Wrap & Injectables

Source: Google

Body Wraps and Injectables are a great way to drop-in few pesky cellulites which might otherwise look odd in your wedding gown. Treatments like Red Carpet “Inches-Off Mineral Detox Wrap” and few other invasive skin-care services like Botox, Juvederm, Restylane etc. may be undertaken, six-weeks prior to your wedding.

6. Waxing

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It’s good to book an appointment one week prior to the wedding. In this way, you can guide the aesthetician in a Luxury Spa to focus on body areas where ingrown hair is more. Focusing on such waxing treatments will leave your skin smooth and glossy.

7. Trial Make-Up Application 

There are few top Luxury Spas in Chennai helping you go through first-hand trial make-up tutorials. Such a trial before your D-day will save you from the misery of a dreadful make-up. This first-hand make-up tutorial will help you see yourself and in return, you can also guide the beautician few customizations and suggestions which you might feel can be a good add-on.

Source: Google

Wedding planning is a strenuous one. From planning your wedding card to dealing with event planners to caterers to a selection of your trousseau, things become a tedious one for the bride and her family. But finding the right spa and massage therapy centres can really be a saviour to ease your stress of looking like a diva on your D-day.

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  1. These pre bridal beauty treatments are necessary so that the bride or groom looks thier best on thier D Day , one can plan in advance like regular facials etc to look good.

  2. Oh my god! Marrying a decade ago I never knew about all this. But my cousins were going gaga about similar treatments last season. Now I can see why so.

  3. who dont wanna look stunning on her D-day. These pre bridal beauty treatments are necessary to look gorgeous. Nice & helpful post.

  4. Not a bride to be soon but saving these ideas for my D-day . Thanks for this post 😊

  5. So many super cool ideas to get prepare yourself for the big day
    I like the idea of skin treatment best way to pamper ourselves

  6. I wish I knew all these when I was getting ready for my wedding buddy, undoubtedly wonderful post.

  7. Some of these treatments are quite new to me like hair dusting! Oh BTW i must share this with my bride to be cousin sis!

  8. Great post. Full of information for would be brides.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  9. My cousin is getting married in 2-3 months, this is a very helpful post. I am going to share this with her. Spa and Massage Therapy works like a charm. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  10. mumflix says:

    That bridal glow and getting set for the big day is a big deal. And I agree with you on how spa and massage therapy helps big time.

  11. I feel sometimes these all coming my way so late…but I will share with my cousin who is getting married soon

  12. judy morris says:

    Yo I can really identify with each and every point cause I actually got everything done before my D-day. Skin Polishing is so relaxing and good.

  13. These ideas will make you feel more pampered. I agree with the fact. Loved the post.

  14. TripleAmommy says:

    What a lot of treatments! Compare this with my wedding…. I was busy doing fieldwork in hot humid Orissa village till a month before the D day!

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  16. This is something really necessary. In today’s life there is so much stress and pollution. For the bride luxurious rejuvenation along with complete makeup becomes imperative.

  17. Anita says:

    The right bridal makeup can be amazing.But the massage session is a must too

  18. Khushboo says:

    These treatments are really required and necessary for the brides to be in this pollution filled cities.

  19. Brides deserve all the pampering in the world to look good in their big day. Love what they’re offering.

  20. Once in a while it’s important to get an over haul done.. And that is best suited just before the d day!

  21. judy morris says:

    You actually solved the most common question for all brides to be.. Awesome post indeed.

  22. TRue pre bridal spa and massages help bride to relax before the D day and get the natural glow on the skin.

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    I remember how I would go for all these pampering sessions a few days before my marriage. Your post includes everything that a bride-to-be should be doing before her marriage

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    Utpal Khot

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    I think we should love our skin nd should pamper it as we are bride to be…

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    Every girl deserve all the pampering in the world to look fabulous on her big day. These are helpful for brides to be

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