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How To Use A Menstrual Cup – Pros & Cons

Vaginal Care is one of the most daunting realms of the era. Cervical cancer-caused by vaginal disease is a global burden. 6-29% of mortality rate in women for cancer is a result of reluctance in vaginal care. So I am coming up with a series of post on women’s vaginal hygiene and care.

Vagina itself maintains an eco-system as it harbors commensal or beneficial bacteria to protect us from any infections and disease. When the pH balance is altered we get prone to diseases. During periods or menstrual flow, we are more susceptible to such disorder. Let’s talk about the best menstrual cup that is 60% more comfortable, hygienic, medicated, nature-friendly and economic than a tampon or normal sanitary pads. I was skeptic to use it but after my Gynecologist advised so I tried it out. Here I take you through it. 

What is a menstrual cup?…. Let’s explain with white pant challenge!

It is medical-grade silicon made soft cup-like structure which can be inserted inside the vagina during menstrual flow. It prohibits extra wetness and exposure to chemicals thus let not bacteria grow. It rests against vaginal wall. It has a small tapering stem with a small hole to suck the blood and store inside the cup. everteen® is one of the leading brands in curating feminine hygiene products which is approved by the international medical association. I have personally used the everteen® Menstrual Cup as a step forward to global vaginal health awareness. It is very easy to use and let you do any physical activity like yoga, swimming, dancing or long hours outing in white pant. 

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Yes you hear it right, even on your first or second day you just don’t need to bother even wearing White Pant and doing yoga or Jim. As it also lowers the cramping pain while the small sucker like tube helps the uterus to empty the blood often so the ouch… the effect is no more.

10 years long 12 hours service 

Normal tampons and pads are advisable to change after every 4-5 hours for normal flow and often more for heavy flow. Each menstrual cup can be used for 10-12 years and without much bothering you with its sterilizing methods. It can work for more than 12 hours a day and yet easy to reuse in a while. So not just you secure your health and comfort but also save nature from pollution.

Which size would fit me

everteen® Menstrual Cup comes in two capacity:-

  • One is small of 23 ml and advisable for teens or beginners or those who have normal flow. 
  • The other is of 30 ml and advisable for those with heavy flow or sluggish vagina or have given birth to baby through the vaginal passage. 

How to insert or remove menstrual cup

In a folded way insert it into vagina keeping the stem or small hole on the upper side. It will unfold inside the vagina itself or you may twist it slightly at the stem to ensure that it is unfolded. Now the question is how to remove the menstrual cup, no worries, that is a very easy way. 

Sitting on a toilet sit kegal down the stem and tug it out. Now empty the fluid in a basin.  If possible wash your intimate areas and the cup with everteen® Natural Intimate Wash and reinsert. At the end of the day you may sterilize it at home by boiling in hot water. It is better to keep on a sieve and put inside boiled water.

Menstrual cup pros and cons

The menstrual cup pros and cons are precise. Pros are hygiene, leak-proof, comfort and a lot more. Cons are there regarding improper using. You may pee & poo wearing it and can even do intercourse but keep a special caution that it should not come out by bowel movement. Empty it as and when required for avoiding leakage. Sterilize it at least once in a month. 

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  1. I have been reading a lot about the vaginal cups for periods, but have been vary of using it. Thanks for sharing the detailed information it helps so many people like me.

  2. I have been hearing so much about menstrual cups… They seem really good and much better than pads or tampons… Loved reading this!

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