Battle Your Hair Woes In The Chilling Winter With These 5 Effective Tips And Personalised Haircare Products

The winter brings its unique charm and beauty with the beautiful snow and cold weather. Yet, it is a time when women get frustrated with the dry air conditions. You are probably familiar with the damage caused to your hair during these trying times. Have you tried several tricks and failed unsuccessfully so far? Is sporting gorgeous hair during the winter a considerable challenge for you? If yes, this article is for you. Read on to know the most effective hair care tips that you can follow, to ensure that you have stunning hair throughout the year.

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

The dry air sucks the moisture from your hair, leaving you with a flaky, dry scalp. Battle this by regularly moisturising your hair. All categories of oil do not sit well with your hair and might ruin your delicate strands regardless of your good intentions. The best option for you is to get personalised oil, tailormade for your hair to provide the essential nutrients. 

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2. Less frequent, optimized hair washes with personalised haircare products

In this cold weather, avoid washing your hair frequently. It ensures that water doesn’t ruin your hair. But are you worried about dirt ruining your scalp and hair? Use customised pre-shampoo hair mask to ensure that your hair gets the optimal cleaning effect during your shower. With its high concentration, stay relaxed before the washing. Are you wondering what shampoo to use? Remember that using the wrong shampoo can fatally damage your hair. Before using one, analyse the right shampoo for your hair type and choose it. Personalised hair care products always help in getting excellent results.

3. Going outdoors? Dry your hair first.

Cold hair expands your delicate hair shaft when it is wet and makes it vulnerable to breakages and fading colour. Why give the winter monster a chance to do that? Dry damp hair yourself within the safe confines of your room, and use personalised conditioners to hydrate them. Use cold air from the hairdryer, but do not forget to moisturise it later. Your hair is unique, and with the right conditioner custom-made for your hair, you can pamper your hair with the proper nutrients.

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4. Heat treatment: A Strict No!

It is alluring to sport heat curls and other hairdos that can be achieved by heat treatment. But if you are in a long term relationship with your hair locks, you must avoid them. The heat sucks the moisture out and leaves you with dry hair.

5. Silk scarf: The best protection

Protect your hair with a silk scarf to reduce static and breakage. Wool contributes to increasing the damaged hair. Use customised hair serum before wrapping up your hair to ensure a shine when you flaunt it eventually.

Follow these simple yet practical tips and give your hair the love it deserves! For many, personalised hair care products might seem a tad bit expensive; however, it is worth the price compared to the unique care and protection it offers you.

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