Baguette Cut Diamonds: All You Need To Know

As you would expect, there are many cuts for diamonds and other precious stones, with the baguette cut receiving a lot of attention. In this article, we will examine some of the reasons this cut is so popular among young people today.

As the name suggests, the baguette cut is rectangular, similar to that of the French bread creation of the same name, and if you are into cool rectangular shapes, the baguette cut is perfect.

Length to Width Ratio

The normal length to width ratio is 5:1, yet they can be almost square in shape, and one popular design is 3 baguette cut stones set end to end to make a short line that would cover the front third of the band. The cut is almost always tapered, for obvious reasons, and the bezel or channel setting is preferred, as this secures the stones firmly in place.

Art Deco

The bold straight lines of both Art Deco and Art Nouveau are best represented in jewellery with the baguette cut diamond, and combined with an Asscher Cut central stone, you have a stunning example of geometric design. The wonderful thing about custom jewellery is you can create the design on a digital screen prior to doing anything, and with fine colour and shape tuning, you are able to view every angle. If you would like to view unique diamond wedding bands in Melbourne, simply search online for a custom jeweller, and tell them what you have in mind.

The Step Cut Family

The baguette cut, much like the emerald and Asscher cuts, is a step cut, and the baguette typically has 14 facets and the common factor is a geometric symmetry of straight lines. The baguette is often used with very small stones, to make up a larger assortment, yet large rectangular diamonds have their own unique sparkle.

 Brilliant Cut Baguettes

By combining the brilliant cut with the baguette, there are far more facets, which adds to the sparkle, and an experienced custom jeweller can merge the two cuts in such a way that the sparkle is unique. Some celebrities have made good use of the brilliant-baguette cut and if you would like to explore the potential of such a cut, talk to an established custom jeweller, who can show you a few designs.

Surrounding Stones

It is very unusual for the central stone to have a baguette cut, as the corners are straight, while the emerald has diagonal corners, which is more suitable for a central diamond. Many Art Deco designs are perfect for the baguette cut and emeralds and rubies are also incorporated into ring designs, adding both colour and depth.

If you would like to view many fine images of rings that utilize the baguette cut, a Google image search is all it takes, and when you find one that hits the spot, send it to a custom jeweler and see what they can do.


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  1. wow…you have explained it so well. Diamond ring is a dream of every woman but knowing the correct way of choosing and getting a perfect cut is also important.

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