The Best Features that make HiPi a Must-Have App

TikTok was among the top apps that were an instant hit after being introduced in India. The endless short video content from all over the world kept users engaged for hours on end, scrolling their way through the day. However, following the ban of TikTok, Indians have embarked on a search for the Indian TikTok, a short video app that can act as the best alternative. Countless new apps have been brought out into the market, aiming to provide high-quality content that will appeal to users, but none of them has really been able to act as the Indian TikTok, except HiPi.

Being launched by Zee5, one of the leading streaming platforms in India makes the app an already trusted one as many expect the quality of content maintained in this app, too. HiPi makes sure it delivers, currently providing over 40 million users with carefully curated, engaging content. HiPi is slowly becoming the Indian TikTok everyone asked for, and here are the best features that make it so:

  • High-Quality Content: The content available on HiPi maintains a certain level of quality throughout various fields. You can choose from various options to customise your home page and have access to content that will cater to your favourites without having to look for it. The content is fun, engaging and keeps up with all the latest trends so you’ll never lose touch.
  • Efficient Content Creation: Content creation is an extensive field that requires way more effort than people often realise. Sound effects, editing tools, recording devices all play an important role in how your short video will turn out, and HiPi makes sure it eliminates these worries for content creators. A large variety of sounds, filters, effects, etc., are available so you can have as much fun with it as you like. You can also choose whether you’d like to draft your video, make it public or upload it privately.
  • Convenient User Interface: No one wants to spend too much time on apps with a complicated and confusing interface. Every app surely takes time getting used to, but HiPi has a user interface so convenient it’ll make you feel like you’ve used it for ages. It has separate segments for your profile, your content, your ‘For You’ page, along with a segment for your daily dose of trends and popular HiPi celebrities.
  • Safety Features: Security features are essential as any app should aim for the complete safety of its users. HiPi does that with its concrete Privacy Policy and security features that protect your data and make it easier for you to view kids-appropriate content in the presence of small children.

Keeping the above features in mind, HiPi is undoubtedly the Indian TikTok you must have on your phone. It’ll offer you the perfect escape from daily stressors with its fun and enriching content, put together to help you relax. HiPi is a free app that will offer you the complete experience of enjoying the content and creating it, so get started!

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