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Are you a Kabaddi fan? That is great. The spirit of the game is reciting KABADDI KABADDI KABADDI and so on…….When you chant the objective then cardinally get resoluted to the goal. This is not just about the game it’s also about LIFE…

The amazing efficacy of the game follows Do-or-Die raids. Over a ground of larger arena, the team and its members are placed in a horizontal row opposite to each other. The super tacklers and raiders of both the team defending the other plays the game with vigour, enthusiasm and courage. This is on growing athletic craze of the genre. 2018 is the witness of the sixth edition of the game. With well-trained player and superlative marketing, this game is soaring high.

Objective & Rule of the game for new interest seekers  

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The objective to earn points getting into opponent’s court or raiding opposite team members. Keep on chanting the name Kabaddi and touch as many players as you can in opponent’s team without yourself being caught. In international level for both men and women players, team Kabaddi has secured a good position. Now you can play fantasy Kabaddi on Dream 11 and earn points. Showcase your anticipation and expertise on a global platform in a legal way.

In the real game field, each team is given 20 minutes to encounter the other team. The centre line is the set for action. Four main types of Kabaddi are Amar, Huttuttoo, Suranjeevi, and Gaminee. Similarly, the app acts a platform or field of action to try your expertise and luck.

How to play & win on Dream 11

Dream 11 is a platform designed under the approval of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Here you can simply choose an upcoming game. For fantasy Kabaddi players you can now select your team members and form a team. Many other enthusiasts like you all over the world is also setting the same and using their skill set and expertise to play the game. Now follow the real game rolling on the field. If your selected team and members win they you earn points. The first prize and runners-ups win cash.

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While log in you need to give your KYC or identification and PAN details. Also, submit bank account details. Your won amount will be credited into your account or you can withdraw it as per your convenience. Playing on Dream11 is absolutely legal and it is not betting but using your skill. Also, there are levels where you can practice and compare your skill with other participants.

Let’s know something about Pro Kabaddi League 2018

 Pro Kabaddi League 2018
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Bengal Warriors, U Mumba, Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi K.C., Haryana Steelers, Gujarat Fortunegiants, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Telugu Titans, U.P. Yoddha, Tamil Thalaivas, Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates are contenders of this game. Each state and its players have shown consistent development throughout previous matches and a unique vigour to take away the cup. Even you can be the part of their endeavour and win points and prizes too. Just set your team and match up with other sports enthusiast and try out the luck before the real game is on the field.

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48 thoughts on “Dream 11 For A Die-Heart Fantasy Kabaddi Fan

  1. Kabaddi has gain huge popularity among spectators. you rightly said kabaddi resembles the struggle of our life. We should keep on fighting till we reach our destination. It teaches us to be always positive and move forward in life no matter what.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. With the boom in technology ,specially internet , it’s good to see a local sports like Kabaddi getting an international attention and even Leagues on TV.Now palying the game on Dream11 and getting prizes for it is a real plus.

  3. I think such games are the new rage! I have seen a lot of younger kids being hooked to such games like cricket, football and now kabaddi.

  4. My dad follows this sport and keep on updating u about it too. I have seen people’s interest towards kabaddi has increased folds in a couple of years.

  5. Kabaddi is one of the fav game …I am sure this is going to be fun to play along with Dream 11 Thanks for bringing this

  6. This game will definitely be popular as it is based on a national sport. I am sure anyone who has read your post will definitely give this game a try at least once.. 🙂

  7. I loved reading this post. Dream 11 is a great platform to play virtual games and earn some good cash prizes.
    Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  8. I simply love the app..specially the fact that it gives me the liberty to select my team..it makes me feel as a team owner..

  9. I hate to admit but I haven’t followed this sport ! however I love n support such measures taken to promote our national sport! I’m sure to download the app !

  10. Bang On! Me and my hubs, we both are super fan of Kabaddi and even went this year to see the live matches. Good to know that it is available on dream 11.

  11. Wow I never know that kabaddi is on dream 11 this game we used to play in school . Thanks for sharing the information

  12. This sounds like an amazing thing for Kabaddi fans. Making fantasy teams is one of the most satisfying activity for any sports enthusiast.

  13. It’s nice to see sports other than cricket gaining popularity, otherwise it was too monotonous.
    Virtual kabaddi will be quite popular and will serve to educate people about the rules and nuances of the game

  14. I’m not a fan of kabbadi but I have seen it live for sometime though the game is very interesting if one starts gaing interest.

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