All The Terms You Need To Know For Buying A Diamond Ring

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement or wedding ring, the phrases and terms involved can be confusing, scary, and downright intimidating. But, help is at hand. To make the process a whole lot less petrifying, we’ve put together the below need-to-know terms and short explanations that you can arm yourself with when you go diamond ring shopping.

Your Need-To-Know Diamond Ring Terms

  • Blemish – This is an impurity usually found on the outside surface of the diamond, and it is usually formed from the environment that it encounters.
  • Bezel – This is a setting that has a protective metal rim. The rim encircles the perimeter of the diamonds on the ring.

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  • Brilliance – The white light or brightness that the diamond returns when looking at it.
  • A complete ring – Usually to refer to an engagement ring, this term refers to a ring that has a center stone and accent diamonds, if any, within its setting, for example, diamond platinum wedding rings.
  • Certification – This offers an unbiased description of a diamond’s individual qualities that determine the stone’s worth and value as per evaluations conducted by gemologists.
  • Fire – Also referred to as dispersion, this term refers to the flashes of colorful light that are returned from the diamond.
  • The 4 Cs – This is an important one to know! The 4Cs are the four characteristic that are used to describe the quality of the diamond. They are: cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.
  • Inclusion – A term used to refer to an impurity found on the inside of the diamond. An inclusion is usually formed from the earth.

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  • Loupe – A small, hand-held magnifying glass that jewelers use to look more closely at a diamond to spot any inclusions and surface blemishes.
  • Multi-stone – This one refers to a diamond ring that has three or even more feature diamonds.
  • Pave – A pave ring is one that features tiny accent diamonds that are set closely together on the band with very little metal showing through.
  • Prongs – This is by far the most commonly used diamond ring setting, and it is especially popular for displaying solitaire engagement rings. With this type of setting, the diamond is placed into three or even more metal prongs, forming a type of basket base.
  • Proportions – A word to describe the dimensions of the diamond. This determines the quality of the cut of the diamond.
  • Sparkle – Also known as scintillation – reflections of light usually caused by the movement of the diamond.
  • Semi-mount – Refers to a ring that is already adorned with diamonds but has space for a feature diamond in the center.

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  • Setting – The part of the ring the diamonds sit on and where they are held in place.
  • Solitaire – A solitaire diamond is a diamond engagement ring with a center or feature diamond.
    It’s absolutely okay if you don’t know these terms. There’s a lot to know when it comes to diamonds rings. But, arm yourself with these terms and you’ll be better positioned when it comes to finding a diamond to suit your partner and your budget, and to ensure you get the best possible diamond ring for your money.


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