My 5th Marriage Anniversary – An open letter to my Husband

Today, when I woke up the first thing I did was, patted my shoulder and congratulated myself for spending 5 yrs. with you! Don’t you think it’s an achievement for me? 😉

Sorry, I can’t write sugar coated words while talking about our relationship because every day I think that life could have been more beautiful if I stay single. Marriage is the blunder of life…exactly like Dilli Ka Laddu!!

It is my problem, being a die heart fan of SRK, I always live in my own fantasy world where I used to dream about my Prince Charming….still I imagine song sequence like ‘Gerua’ with my love. Every time you tell me to move out from my world… life is not about a SRK movie. 🙂

I had past relationships, every time I was serious but all broke up 😉 They all were good maybe I was not good for them.

I know it’s really hard to stay with me. I am hyper, moody, whimsical person. I don’t think twice before doing anything. I always listen to my heart only. Few days back, Baba, told me, ‘Your life is better because you have Kundan(my husband’s name) in your life, you couldn’t adjust with other guys. ‘

Ha ha ha …but I have doubts.

Basically we are poles apart from each other. I love to spend time in shopping malls but for you it’s just wasting of time. I love adventures in life, late night party, long drive and all. But you like to spend a simple and safe life. Reading books, watching news channel and Googling for everything.

Today, I left my fancy shoes and wore the hard shoe of reality…because I wanted to realize why my relatives, my parents tell always good words about you????

What did you do for me?

I didn’t feel before how much I am dependent on you! You remember my passwords, you do my online transactions, you pay my mobile bills and above everything you are giving me a constant mental support for the last 5 years.

So, thank you for everything…though I tell you for divorce always but when you go to your village home (my in-law’s house)I feel empty. I don’t know is that love or something else.

I always asked my mother, ‘Maa, how could I live my whole life with a single person? You think, it’s possible for me???’ 😉

But now I am mature enough to understand that love is not a SRK movie it’s all about supporting each other for the whole life. I know I am the happiest person (positive thinking is good always J J ). I have wonderful parents, I have a boring husband and I have my Mickey Mouse (my son).

Life is beautiful and I am enjoying all good and bad of it.

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So, Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!!


With Love



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