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Virginia Reel – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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Virginia Reel is basically considered as an English country dance. It has its origin in Scottish country dance. The dance was most popular in America from 1830–1890.

How to perform this dance?

Virginia Reel - #DanceKaPunchnama
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In this dance, there will be 2 lines of 5 – 8 couples. Each partners facing each other. Generally men line up at one side and women on the other. The lines have a head and a foot. The head couples are nearest to the band or music source and foot couple stands at the end of the line. This is same for all variations of Virginia reel.

Head lady and foot gentleman forward and back
Virginia Reel
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The head lady and the foot man advance forward toward each other four steps and retire four steps backward into place.

Forward again with both hands round

The head lady and foot man advance, join both hands straight across and make one complete turn, and then return to places. The head man and foot lady do the same.

English Country Dance - Blogchatter A to Z
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Do-si-do (pronounced dough-see-dough)

The head lady and foot man advance, pass each other right shoulder to right shoulder while crossing their arms, and without turning, go around each other back-to-back and retire backwards to places. The head man and foot lady do the same. It is then repeated by left shoulder (also called a see saw).

Head couple gallops four times through the aisle and back

The head couple joins both hands and chasse (side slip and close) down inside of the lines four steps and return to the head position.

Right arm to partner and reel (Right to center, left to the side)

The head couple link right arms and turn around once and a half. (This leaves the lady facing the men’s line and the man facing the ladies’ line). The head lady turns the second man (the second man from the head of the line) once around in his place with left arms linked, while the head man does likewise with the second lady. This continues until the man and lady reach the end of the line.

Blogchatter A to Z April 2018
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This is where they turn only half way around, instead of a full turn, so that the lady ends up on her side and the man on his side. The head couple then joins hands across and chasse (side slip and close) with side steps back to the head of the set. They drop hands and turn out ready for the march.

The March

The head couple separate. The man turns outwards and walks toward the foot directly behind the men’s line, followed by all the men in single file. At the same time the head lady does the same thing on her side of the set.

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Then the head couple meets at the foot of the set and walk together to the head of the set, followed by the other couples. When all have reached their original places, all the partners, except the head couple, join hands and hold them high to form a long archway under which the head couple, with hands joined, walks through the gate. The original second couple now becomes head couple and the whole pattern is repeated until all have been head couple.


Virginia Reel
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Music of this dance is lively and lighthearted accompanied with traditional European instruments, such as the violin (sometimes called a fiddle), hand drums, and pipes or flutes.


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The men wear casual wear and females wear long flowy skirt with top.

Sharing here videos of Virginia Reel:

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