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The Waltz Dance – A to Z Challenge April 2018 #DanceKaPunchnama

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The word Waltz has come from a German word ‘Walzen’ which means roll, turn, or to glide. This is a ballroom and folk dance and is performed in closed position. The waltz is a simple, elegant ballroom dance that is often done with a partner. It is the first dance ever where people held each other so closely.

The Waltz is originated in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria and was played in the ballroom of Hapsburg court for the first time.

How to perform this dance?

The Waltz Dance - #DanceKaPunchnama
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This dance follows slower tempo and uses ‘Box Step’, a series of movements that form the shape of a box.

During nineteenth century, two modifications were developed in this dance form.

Slow Waltz
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The Slower Waltz: This form has long gliding steps and was first introduced in Boston.

Hesitation Waltz
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The Hesitation Waltz: It involves taking one step to three beats of the measure. Hesitation steps are widely used in today’s Waltz.

The Country Western Waltz
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The Country Western Waltz: It is mostly progressive, moving counter clock wise around the dance floor. Both the posture and frame are relaxed, with posture bordering on a slouch.  Couples may frequently dance in the promenade position, depending on local preferences.

The Viennese Waltz
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The Viennese Waltz: In contemporary ballroom dance, the fast versions of the waltz are called Viennese Waltz as opposed to the Slow Waltz.

International Standard Waltz
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International Standard Waltz: Here couple never breaks the embrace, it has only closed figures.

The American Style Waltz
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The American Style Waltz: This is opposite of International Standard Waltz. Here Walters have open figures like side-by-side spin, open rolls etc.

The Scandinavian Waltz Dance
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The Scandinavian Waltz: In this Waltz, the dancers are always rotating in a fast or slow tempo.

The Mexican Waltz Dance
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The Mexican Waltz: It has the strong Spanish influence but the rhythm patterns are almost same like standard Waltz.

The Cajun Waltz Dance
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The Cajun Waltz: It is danced progressively around the floor, and is characterized by the subtle swaying of the hips and step very close to ordinary walking. It is danced entirely in the closed position.

Cuban (or Tropical) Waltz Dance
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The Cuban (or Tropical) Waltz: It follows the pattern of standard Waltz.

Contra Waltz (Freeform Waltz) Dance
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The Contra Waltz (Freeform Waltz): It has both open and closed movements. Other dances such as swing, modern jive and salsa steps are incorporated in this Waltz dance form.

Valse Musette
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The Valse Musette: This is a form of Waltz dance popular in France.

Cross-Step Waltz Dance
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The Cross-Step Waltz: In the early 20th century this form is developed in France and still popular in social Waltz groups.

Rise & Fall

Waltz Dance - #DanceKaPunchnama
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The rise and fall is unique to the waltz.  If possible, all the steps in the waltz should be long. On the first step forward, the weight is taken on the heel, then on to the ball of the foot. A gradual rise to the toes should be started at the end of the first beat, and continued to the second and third beat of each bar of music. Lower to the normal position at the end of the third beat by lowering to the heel of the foot which is carrying the weight.


Music and Instruments - Waltz Dance
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It is a ballroom dance so the music is smooth and melodious. A Waltz is always in triple meter. The time signature is usually 3/4.Viennese Waltzes go pretty fast. A full romantic Orchestra is used and often played with Piano too.


Waltz Dance Costume
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The Waltz dance has typical ballroom costume. Women wear long dresses and for men, it is black formals always. For both, male and female costumes should be elegant and shiny.

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