Prostitution – Show Respect to This Profession

Yes, I feel I should raise my voice (that is my pen always) for them! Like others, I have also heard about the red light areas of Kolkata. And during my college days, I was so curious to know about them like how is their life? Why they are doing this etc etc. I have tried to visit those places so many times out of curiosity. Whenever I spotted them may be on road or in front of railway station, I always stared at them. Their different attitude, vulgar body language, way of dressing always tell my elite mind, ‘Bullshit!!What the hell they are doing!!’. Honestly, I never had any soft corner for them.

But now things are different. My age, my experience from life helped me to understand things in much better way. I believe prostitution is a profession and they are doing this to earn their bread and butter. Many of them are in this profession as a result of human trafficking. After spending a life in red light area, you are not even accepted by your family and friends. So what you will do? There is nobody to hold your hands. They have children; they work for their child’s education.

Doing sex with so many people in a single day. What do you think? Isn’t it painful for that lady? Yes, it is. She is doing this for money; maybe she has children like us.

Being a woman, don’t you think they are in this profession because they have some compulsion? Who wants to share bed with strangers?


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Yesterday I was watching the movie named Lakshmi by Nagesh Kukunoor. The film shows the harsh realities of human trafficking and child prostitution. We have a safe life and have so many reasons to be happy. I think we couldn’t ever sense their pain, their discomfort. Even we couldn’t cure the sore of their heart ever.

In a crowded bus or train, we, the ladies always experience bad touches, ogled looks and sometimes vulgar comments from insane people. Still we are managing somehow to deal with all these odds of life. Prostitutes are helping us actually. They are working on to satisfy a huge group of guys and in that way making our life a bit secure.

Trust me, all they dream for a happy family. They also want love and care. But our society, our paralyzed mentalities ask them to stay away from all good things of life.

Here, a raped girl hiding her face when the Rapist is the hero! Here we stare at the prostitutes but less bothered about their clients (babu).

Women are the part of Goddess Durga. We have the power to defeat all evil powers. We know how to love & care. We know and we could understand the pain of a prostitute.

Please do not stare at them. Show respect to the profession.


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  1. You know, nothing is wrong in this universe. SOME does & SOME don’t. Like a thief also is in theft profession for his daily breads and butter. What? Yes or No?

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