Be An Independent Woman

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst.

Be that fearless girl, the one would dare to do anything.

Be that independent girl, who doesn’t need a man.

Be that girl who never backed down.”

                                                                                                                                             Anonymous quote

I have fallen in love with these lines. So apt for me and my girls, I believe these words are for you too.

We all have celebrated the Independence Day recently with joy and gaiety. But independence is not about hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem. It is a feeling; it is a celebration of your emotion and sentiments.

This is the time to wipe out all the negative thoughts and make the country a better place to live and enjoy.

If I ask you, are you independent? Do you have the guts to take your own decisions? Are you living the life of your own choice?

Let me tell you a few things that will help you to be independent in life:

Take your own decisions:

Decision making ability
Source: google

If you believe in yourself then take your own decision always. Sometimes it may not work, even you may face difficulties still learn from the mistakes. From my love life to study, job and motherhood, I am the decision maker always.

Don’t think about others:

Dont try to make others happy
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The people who love you will be always with you. So think about them only. Otherwise, you don’t have to listen to other’s words always. Don’t care what people are thinking about you or telling about you. Do what makes you happy. Listen to your heart only.

Change your typical thought process:

Stop doing gender discrimination. In another way, you are disrespecting your own self which is not at all acceptable. Above everything, you are a human being and you have the full right to live your own life.

Make your own identity:

Make own identity
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Listen, Girl, you can be a wife of an MNC guy with a car and luxurious house. But what is your own identity? End of the day what you are doing? You are not here to do household chores only. Do something productive in life.

Do you know the word ‘self-dependence’?

Sometimes you have to quit your job for family and children. But that doesn’t mean you are jobless. You have so many options in life to prove yourself, to show the world your talent.

Self dependent woman
Source: Bluestone

Here, I love to mention a few lines about my blogger friends. Many of them left a job for the family but they know how to make their own identity. Those women have conquered the world of blogging with their amazing skills. Kudos to you girls for balancing everything such an wonderful way.

Raise an independent child:

As a mom, it’s your responsibility too. Help them to realize that they have full control over life. They can take their own decisions and life is all about learning. Teach them that life is a beautiful gift from God and we are here to do well in life.

In my daily life, I come across different people with a different mindset. These lines are for them only:
Independent girl
Source: google
  • Your daughter is good at study. So save money for her higher study, not for her marriage.
  • Wearing short dresses or late night parties are not the reason for rape. Then how will you explain the rape of a 3 or 4 years old girl?
  • Smoking and drinking both are injurious to health. And it is applicable for men and women too. You can’t give a bad girl tag just because of it.
  • If a boy can take the responsibility of his parents then a girl can too.
  • For everything, hard work is imp. You can leave your job because it requires hard work and dedication. For me, it’s a pleasure. 🙂
  • I also could relish my morning tea with some interesting novels but I have chosen a different life on my own.
  • Your husband has extramarital affair. You know everything but you have to keep silent. The reason you have a child and you don’t have any source of income. And thank God, I have a job to face such a hard situation. (Though my husband doesn’t have any extra affair still now 🙂 )

So the learning is, we have to be independent in life so that we can take our own decisions. Life is full of excitement…do something new in life. Make your own identity.

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This post is a part of “Monsoon Blogging Carnival” hosted by me (Sayeridiary) and my friend Jhilmil from Mommyinme. Here we 22 bloggers are going to share our independence or rakhi special stories.

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16 thoughts on “Be An Independent Woman

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Excellent post! Women and men are equal by every means. Both are creation of God and are a gift of God to each other. It is very important to have our own distinct point of views towards life. Variety is the spice of life. It is our individual characteristics that make us unique and help us make our mark.

    Thanks for sharing this post. have a good day. 🙂

  2. Great thoughts and I agree with every one of them. A woman must be independent and not live only for others. Her happiness and choice as important as anyone else’s.

  3. Interesting blog post Sayeri. Though for some point I have my own opinion, I liked the rest points.

    Thanks for the awareness of being independent

  4. This post made me smile! I am an independent girl and now I am hell bent over making others independent and free… Because this feeling is beautiful and everyone needs to feel this!

  5. Agree on all the things. It is always said that take your own decisions otherwise others will take it for you. I agree on rapes as well. It is not about what girls are wearing. It is about what are the intentions of men. Overall a good read. 👍

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