Alternative Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking kills you and the people around you. It won’t kill you right away like a gun. It will just cause all the systems in your body to malfunction little-by-little, triggering illnesses along the way and making sure you won’t recover from them easily. It can also burn a whole house if left unattended. If you already know this and have been attempting to quit smoking but just can’t, here are other ways to quit smoking.


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Mindfulness is a form of meditation that was an ancient religious practice. The modern culture is recently embracing it, and not for religious reasons. Mindfulness is being used by individuals to enhance their skills and help them function better in their daily lives. Mindfulness is also being used to help patients of sicknesses such as diabetes and patients with injuries heal. Mindfulness also works for smokers who want to quit smoking. The part of mindfulness that helps smokers is its ability to increase self-control, helping in controlling cravings and stopping smoking altogether. There are other forms of meditation, such as Yoga.

Join Groups Against Smoking

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Two is better than one. A whole group of smokers working toward quitting smoking is better than one smoker who tries to do it alone. Just as there is the Alcoholics Anonymous, there are also communities for smokers. Just search them online, or ask your friends about them. You can meet up with them to discuss how you are dealing with the absence of your cigarettes, and the problems and frustrations you are facing because of your cravings. Problems are a lot easier to face when you get to relate them to others, especially others who totally understand you. This can also be your chance to make new friends.

Switch to E-cigarettes


Unlike meditation and all of the other tips here, e-cigarettes are extremely new. Like meditation, it is being recognized by the modern culture only now. E-cigarettes are completely new. Their long-term side effects aren’t even completely established in the medical world yet. But so far, the use of e-cigarettes is overtaking all of the other ways to quit smoking in its effects. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are extremely helpful to smokers who are trying to quit cigarettes because, when containing the best e-liquid, they give smokers their necessary dose of nicotine without toxins. E-cigarettes give only nicotine, heat, flavor, and the smoke.

Move to a New House

Moving to a new place is extremely difficult for most people. Aside from the cost, people have trouble adjusting to their new homes emotionally. Most people who move to new places can’t help feeling homesick. On the other hand, it is also a fact that moving to a new place is one of the best ways to quit bad habits and build good habits. As they adjust to their new homes, they build new habits and lose their old habits. Some people actually take advantage of this natural process by ensuring the new habits they build are good habits. Smokers can also take advantage of this process by never smoking in their new homes.

Keep Yourself Busy

People who are dealing with grief over the death of a loved one find it less depressing when they have so much to do. Isn’t losing your cigarette a little like losing a loved one? Instead of sitting around and mentally fighting your cravings, fill your daily schedule with lots of tasks. Make sure you leave no minute free because idle hands and idle minds are truly the devil’s workshops. You must have something to do right after you wake up in the morning and right before you go to sleep in the evening. Organize your pictures on Facebook, clean your furniture, or play with your dog. Even hanging out with friends will keep your mind occupied, especially friends who don’t smoke.


You can also find your own, original way to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is entirely not that impossible. Knowing everything about best e-liquid its deadly side, you will have enough motivation to stop smoking. If you do come up with your own unique way to quit smoking successfully, make sure to share it with fellow smokers, so they know.


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One thought on “Alternative Ways to Quit Smoking

  1. We smoke for passing time. But gradually cigarette eats our complete behavioural strategy towards it.

    We try to quit it but fail to do so.

    Mindfullness & remaining busy of course with non smokers give much better result.

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