Memories of Being A #Firsttimemom Is Eternal

The best innervation of a woman is the first feel of conceiving. I remember each sensation of those 9 months when I nurtured and felt HIS grow inside me. Amidst bone cracking pain, congrats, celebration, fear…..I heard HIS first cry……felt HIS tender little body….feed HIM….

That’s not all, a gush of responsibilities thus blossomed on. Downpour of advice from Mom and MIL were like last minute suggestion before Math exam! J For both of us (me & my hubby), the only focus of life is HOW TO KEEP HIS HEALTHY, HAPPY & SMILING.  Mommies out there definitely it is the same line I am narrating on your part?

Maintaining Hygiene

After feeding nutritiously to the baby the most important part is HIS hygiene. Keep HIM clean, do not use any harsh chemical, and keep HIS clothes clean, safe from insects, bacteria, viruses and lot more. For those who are #FirstTimeMom read journals, consult doctors, take homemade tips from elders and also you may attain seminars or meet regarding baby health care. Use organic products which are gentle and soft that can be as caring as you are for your little munchkin.

Outnumbering Pees

I remember my Mom washing my younger sister’s bottom part after every pee when she was a toddler. I still can remember those days when my Prince’s outnumbering pee made me feel like Ooooops!! My Mom advised, tender wash with cotton and water. Nothing can be as pure as water. And my son’s soft delicate skin needed extra care that time. Doctor also suggested a must-to-do wash after every diaper change. And HE was very particular about outstretching HIS cry just after a single pee and its wetness.

Thanks to Mother Sparsh! The Sparsh of this #firstwaterwipes is velvet smooth which never bother my baby’s delicate tender skin. As Maa use to say, nothing as gentle and pure as water so says Mother Sparsh. It is 98% water enriched baby wipes with NO alcohol or Paraben. It is categorically meant for a bottom wash of babies. Wherever you are just carrying a tailored pack of this water wipe can keep your baby safe and clean.

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Nature is our Mother – so a Mom knows all how to keep nature safe for next generations’

Do you know what mother NATURE bears to keep us clean?

  • Baby wipes figures to 7.6 billion pounds of the total global garbage.
  • Among landfills, 3rd largest position is occupied by baby wipes.
  • 30% of those wipes are non-biodegradable.

Mother Sparsh is totally organic made of plant-based fiber and is both velvet soft to your baby and nature to accept. It is clinically and dermatologically proven. It is FDA approved and IBB awards winner brand for baby care products. It keeps your baby away from rashes after diaper use or pee. It creates a layer of protection between diaper and skin. In a pocket-friendly budget, it comes in easy to carry pack. Leaves no stickiness on the skin but has an aroma to feel fresh.

The #FirstTimeMom is the best experience of a mother’s life and it’s more like a roller-coaster ride where you will experience the salt & sweet parts of life. It’s a mixed feeling when you will get irritated with sleepless nights; pee and poop, sometimes get scared for an unwanted tummy ache, vomit, and vaccination pain. But above everything, it is a heavenly feeling that makes you the happiest person in the world.

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34 thoughts on “Memories of Being A #Firsttimemom Is Eternal

  1. Hi Sayeri,

    Babies hygiene are the most important part of nurturing babies. They have delicate soft skin which needs extra care. I completely agree with you that we should avoid using any chemicals. We should use products which are 100% safe and soft like Mother Sparsh since it contains 98% water in it.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Such a beautifully written post Sayeri. Mother sparsh wipes are so gentle and kind to baby’s skin. I wish all mothers should switch to this brand.

  3. Being a new mother I was cautious in choosing the wipes & my first choice was Mother Sparsh. The only con I feel is the packaging as it leads to drying of the wipes too soon.

  4. Mother sparsh is a household name by now and your post brings out the importance of hygiene for the new born. Beautifully written. 🙂


  5. Wow this is such a beautiful post for every New Mom, I know this is really hard to select the best product for your baby and I can say ‘mothersparsh wipes are really good as I have used it for long time

  6. Great to know that these baby wipes by Mother Sparsh are biodegradable, Sayeri. Sustainability is a huge nod we must approve while selecting products for the family.

  7. Its a wonderful feel to cherish being the first time mom. Mother Sparsh wipes are my favourites too for being so gentle and soft.

  8. such a beautiful article this is. You have covered all the points. This article is surely going to help a lot of new moms out there

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