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5 Best Miss India Ever – Beauty with Intellect

‘Beauty, by way of fashion, has to do with confidence, with flattering silhouettes, with patterns, with proper fit for body type, and with an abundance of self-love!’ – Mary Lambert Yes, a beautiful soul should be the winner always. An intellectual mind deserves the winning crown. 3,522 total views, 16 views today

3,522 total views, 16 views today

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MamaEarth – A Magic Word for All Mothers & Babies (Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Brand)

We, the busy supermom never get time for ourselves. Especially, for working mothers, it is really difficult to manage time from our hectic schedule. 5,372 total views, 12 views today

5,372 total views, 12 views today

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Just Fashion Now & StyleWe – The Ultimate Destination for Western Attire

Yes, I am a shopaholic person and I generally prefer online shopping because its time-saving. Recently I was googling for some trendy dresses online and literally have impressed by the western collection of two fashion stores. 24,818 total views, 21 views today

24,818 total views, 21 views today

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Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants – A book by Anand Suspi

‘Memories are the timeless treasures of our heart!!’ Recently, Paper Boat (Hector Beverages) has sent me a book for review purpose. It is their first title in the world of book and coincidentally my first book review too. 🙂 2,946 total views, 6 views today

2,946 total views, 6 views today

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Zoobooks, Zoobies & Zootles – So much fun for your Kid

Well, This time it is for Mickey only. My cute son loves wild animals and Discovery is one of his favorite channels. He loves to watch the Lion, Tiger, Penguin, Giraffe etc and he always asks me so many weird questions about Dinosaur. 4,485 total views, no views today

4,485 total views, no views today

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My Experience – FBB BlogStar – A Wonderful Event

“Hello Sayeri, This is Sanket from FBB. You are selected as a #FBBBLOGSTAR, our Mumbai event is on 15th, we will arrange the flight ticket for you and share other details too.” I was on my way to home from my office, daily routine, crowded train all was same but …

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A Shopping Haul –

‘I love ordering things online because when they arrive it’s like a gift to me, from me” Yes, I feel the same too. Sometimes it’s good to pamper yourself with some beauty and fashion stuff (this is my choice only, you can gift yourself anything else) 🙂 In today’s life …

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